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    Energy Recovery from Wastewater: A Study on Heating and Cooling of a Multipurpose Building with Sewage-Reclaimed Heat Energy
    (MDPI AG, 2019-12-22) Raček, Jakub; Hlavínek, Petr
    To achieve technically-feasible and socially-desirable sustainable management of urban areas, new paradigms have been developed to enhance the sustainability of water and its resources in modern cities. Wastewater is no longer seen as a wasted resource, but rather, as a mining ground from which to obtain valuable chemicals and energy; for example, heat energy, which is often neglected, can be recovered from wastewater for diferent purposes. In this work, we analyze the design and application of energy recovery from wastewater for heating and cooling a building in Brno (Czech Republic) by means of heat exchangers and pumps.
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    Advances in wastewater nitrogen removal by biological processes: state of the art review
    (Revista Ambiente & Água, 2016-04-01) Capodaglio, Andrea; Hlavínek, Petr; Raboni, Massimo
    The paper summarizes the state-of-the-art of the most recent advances in biological nitrogen removal, including process design criteria and technological innovations. Concerning technological advances, the paper presents a summary of various
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    The Testing of Standard and Recyclable Filter Media to Eliminate Hydrogen Sulphide from Sewerage Systems
    (MDPI, 2018-05-25) Hluštík, Petr; Novotný, Jiří
    This article focuses on the subject of odours forming in sewage transfer chambers with displacement inlets, as well as the odours in their vicinity. It further covers the locations of odour formation, factors influencing the formation of hydrogen sulphide in wastewater, methods of removing hydrogen sulphide from wastewater, and laboratory testing of filtration media efficacy at various concentration levels of H2S.
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    Precipitation Trends over Slovakia in the Period 1981-2013
    (MDPI AG, 2017-11-27) Zeleňáková, Martina; Vido, Jaroslav; Portela, Maria Manuela; Purcz, Pavol; Blištán, Peter; Hlavatá, Helena; Hluštík, Petr
    The objective of this paper was to analyze the temporal and spatial trends in annual and seasonal precipitation in Slovakia utilizing 487 gauging station data collected statewide in the period from 1981 to 2013. The nonparametric Mann–Kendall (MK) statistical test, which has been widely used to assess the significance of trends in hydrological time series, was applied to detect the significant trends. The Theil–Sen (TS) approach was applied to quantify the trend magnitude, and the Sequential Mann–Kendall (SQMK) test was used to detect abrupt temporal trend shifts. In general, precipitation data in the study area have not changed during the last 33 years, and there are no big gaps. However, predominantly increasing trends in precipitation time series were found at most of the gauging stations in Slovakia. The results corroborate previous climatic studies in the area of central Europe.
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    Optimizing Sludge Management at the Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator—A Case Study
    (MDPI AG, 2018-08-06) Raček, Jakub; Anferova, Natalia; Hluštík, Petr; Hlavínek, Petr
    Sludge disposal is becoming an issue at the municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI), especially for environmental and economic reasons. This paper describes a case study of the optimization of the sludge management (SM) system at the MSWI in the Czech Republic. The original concept of SM at MSWI was designed as waste-free. However, the present operation indicates that there is a need to carry out regular extraction and disposal of sludge settling at the bottom ash tank and the bottom of the retention basin. The current status of SM causes problems not only in terms of operation but it also entails significant financial costs given the necessary regular cleaning of tanks. The aim of the applied research presented in this paper is SM optimization by a mobile sludge dewatering (DW) press unit with optimal polymer combination for DW.