Nanostructures for Achieving Selective Properties of a Thermophotovoltaic Emitter

This paper focuses on the research and development of a suitable method for creating a selective emitter for the visible and near-infrared region to be able to work optimally together with silicon photovoltaic cells in a thermophotovoltaic system. The aim was to develop a new method to create very fine structures beyond the conventional standard (nanostructures), which will increase the emissivity of the base material for it to match the needs of a selective emitter for the VIS and NIR region. Available methods were used to create the nanostructures, from which we eliminated all unsuitable methods; for the selected method, we established the optimal procedure and parameters for their creation. The development of the emitter nanostructures included the necessary substrate pretreatments, where great emphasis was placed on material purity and surface roughness. Tungsten was purposely chosen as the main material for the formation of the nanostructures; we verified the effect of the formed structure on the resulting emissivity. This work presents a new method for the formation of nanostructures, which are not commonly formed in such fineness; by this, it opens the way to new possibilities for achieving the desired selectivity of the thermophotovoltaic emitter.
Nanomaterials. 2021, vol. 11, issue 9, p. 1-14.
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