Coherence-controlled holographic microscopy enabled recognition of necrosis as the mechanism of cancer cells death after exposure to cytopathic turbid emulsion.

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Journal of Biomedical Optics SPIE
Coherence-controlled holographic microscopy (CCHM) in low-coherence mode possesses pronounced coherence gate effect. This offers an option to investigate the details of cellular events leading to cell death caused by cytopathic turbid emulsions. CCHM capacity was first assessed in model situations that showed clear images obtained with low coherence of illumination but not with high coherence of illumination. Then, the form of death of human cancer cells induced by treatment with biologically active phospholipids (BAPs) preparation was investigated. The observed overall retraction of cell colony was apparently caused by the release of cell-to-substratum contacts. This was followed by the accumulation of granules decorating the nuclear membrane. Then, the occurrence of nuclear membrane indentations signaled the start of damage to the integrity of the cell nucleus. In the final stage, cells shrunk and disintegrated. This indicated that BAPs cause cell death by necrosis and not apoptosis. An intriguing option of checking the fate of cancer cells caused by the anticipated cooperative effect after adding another tested substance sodium dichloroacetate to turbid emulsion is discussed on grounds of pilot experiments. Such observations should reveal the impact and mechanism of action of the interacting drugs on cell behavior and fate that would otherwise remain hidden in turbid milieu.
Koherencí řízený holografický mikroskop v nízkokoherentním modu vykazuje efekt koherenční brány. Tato vlastnost umožňuje zkoumání detailů buněčného chování a průběhu buněčné smrti způsobené cytopatickým působením turbidní emulze.
JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS. 2015, vol. 20, issue 11, p. 111213-1-111213-7.
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