Rat Head Phantom for Testing of Electroencephalogram Source Localization Techniques

In this paper we report a new rat head phantom developed for testing electroencephalogram source localization techniques. The phantom is composed of an agar based mixture mimicking the rat brain, six dipoles and fourteen electrodes for modeling and monitoring of neural activity of the brain, respectively, and a 3D printed skull based on a computed tomography scan of a rat skull. In order to fabricate the phantom with currently available conventional techniques, the phantom is 1.8 times enlarged. To allow scaling, we performed an extensive study of electric properties of the agar based mixture, including electric conductivity, permittivity, and applied voltage, to ensure a linear operating regime. The new phantom facilitates testing of existing and the development of new cortical electrode implants as well as studying the quality of various source localization techniques.
IEEE Access. 2020, vol. 8, issue 1, p. 106735-106745.
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