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    Solvability of the symmetric nonlinear functional differential equations
    (Wiley, 2023-08-07) Dilna, Nataliya; Fečkan, Michal; Rontó, András
    Conditions for the existence of a symmetric solution of nonlinear functional differential equations with symmetries are established.
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    Geopolitical deadlock and phosphate shortfall behind the price hike? Evidence from Moroccan commodity markets
    (CZECH ACADEMY AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, 2023-08-11) Vochozka, Marek; Janek, Svatopluk; Širáňová, Lenka
    Phosphate fertilisers rank among limited conventional production aids, requiring eco-unfriendly mining methods. On the other hand, wheat is an indispensable agricultural commodity essential in the food industry. For this reason, it is appropriate to monitor the potential bivariate relationship between these commodities and to follow their future development closely. The article aims to identify a correlation (Kendall's tau) and causal (Granger causality test) between the price of Moroccan phosphate and wheat, applying vector autoregression (VAR). The results show a medium-to-strong correlation between phosphate and wheat, while causal analysis suggests a reciprocal relationship. The final prediction indicates the price stability of Moroccan phosphate and a fall in wheat prices, showing steady trends of the Moroccan phosphate and wheat market affected by the alarming situation in Ukraine. The article's drawbacks are a narrow market specialisation, which ignores other agricultural commodities. Our findings contribute to national officeholders and professional public, private and non-profit agrarian organisations. Investors may benefit from exploring turbulent exogenous variables like a critical geopolitical deadlock in Ukraine. The main contribution highlights the fact that the conventional fertiliser and wheat market situation appears to be stable and free from elements of uncertainty.
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    Project Management in European Structural and Investment Funds Financed Projects in the Czech Republic
    (University of Hradec Králové, 2023-04-11) Košťálová, Jana; Doskočil, Radek; Širáňová, Lenka; Lacko, Branislav
    Support from European structural and investment funds has a large impact and significantly contributes to the reduction of differences between regions within the European Union. In the case of the Czech Republic the European Union helped from 2004 to 2021 to development of the country with amount of 1,700 billion CZK. This support is mainly offered in the form of subsidies by which individual projects have been supported. 164,537 projects have been implemented in the period from 2004 to the end of the year 2021. In such case of large number of projects financed from public resources is appropriate to manage them effectively and finished successfully. International standards of project management recommend the useful methods, tools and procedures leading to higher efficiency and success. The main goal of the article is to evaluate the knowledge and usage of project management international standards in the organizations implementing the projects financed or co-financed from European structural and investment funds. 171 respondents mainly project managers of this type of projects answer in questionnaire survey. They hardly know international project management standards, and if they do know them, they hardly use them in practice, with the exception of the PRINCE2 methodology, in which they have some certified employees.
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    Critical review of text mining and sentiment analysis for stock market prediction
    (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, 2023-04-05) Janková, Zuzana
    The paper is aimed at a critical review of the literature dealing with text mining and sentiment analysis for stock market prediction. The aim of this work is to create a critical review of the literature, especially with regard to the latest findings of research articles in the selected topic strictly focused on stock markets represented by stock indices or stock titles. This requires examining and critically analyzing the methods used in the analysis of sentiment from textual data, with special regard to the possibility of generalization and transferability of research results. For this reason, an analytical approach is also used in working with the literature and a critical approach in its organization, especially for completeness, coherence, and consistency. Based on the selected criteria, 260 articles corresponding to the subject area are selected from the world databases of Web of Science and Scopus. These studies are graphically captured through bibliometric analysis. Subsequently, the selection of articles was narrowed to 49. The outputs are synthesized and the main findings and limits of the current state of research are highlighted with possible future directions of subsequent research.
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    The Multicriteria Assessment of the Green Growth in the Context of the European Union’s Green Deal
    (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, 2022-08-01) Doskočil, Radek
    The article deals with the issue of assessment of the green growth in context of the Green Deal in the European Union Countries. Because this issue leads to the decision problem which has typical the properties of multi-criteria decision making (MCDM), the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, including the sensitivity analysis, was used as a suitable method for solving this issue. The main aim of the paper is to propose a new and suitable approach for a complex and systematically assessed Green Growth in countries of the European Union. The public OECD Green Growth database was used for the analysis. The multicriteria assessment model employs four criteria, indicators for monitoring progress towards green growth (1. Production-based CO2 productivity; 2. Annual surface temperature; 3. The mean exposure of the population exposure to PM2.5; 4. Environmentally related tax). Thanks to the new approach to the Green Growth assessment based on multicriteria evaluation, it is possible to automate this process and it is repeatedly applied. This ultimately provides management authorities with a tool to measure the maturity of the Green Deal not only in EU countries. Based on the proposed multi-criteria model, Ireland is evaluated as the land with the highest level of Green Growth and Latvia as the country with the lowest level in the analyzed year 2020.