Reconnection–less Reconfigurable Fractional–Order Current–Mode Integrator Design with Simple Control

A design of a fractional-order (FO) integrator is introduced for operation of resulting solution in the current mode (CM). The solution of the integrator is based on the utilization of RC structures, but in comparison to other RC structure based FO designs, the proposed integrator offers the electronic control of the order. Moreover, the control of the proposed integrator does not require multiple specific and accurate values of the control voltages/currents in comparison to the topologies based on the approximation of the FO Laplacian operator. The electronic control of a gain level (gain adjustment) of the proposed integrator is available. The paper offers the results of Cadence IC6 (spectre) simulations and more importantly experimental measurements to support the presented design. The proposed integrator can be used to build various FO circuits as demonstrated by the utilization of the integrator into a structure of a frequency filter in order to provide FO characteristics.
IEEE Access. 2021, vol. 9, issue 10, p. 136395-136405.
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