In Vivo Antibacterial Study of Zinc Phosphate-based Nanoparticles

In animal nutrition, the nanotechnology is mostly used for the preparation of nanominerals, especially trace minerals, due to their low bioavailability. These nanominerals also showed advantageous effects at lower doses compared to conventional minerals. In addition, nanominerals can improve digestive efficacy, immunity and overall performance in livestock. In that case, we suggested and synthesized four types of zinc phosphatebased nanoparticles (ZnNPs), which achieved a significant antibacterial activity. After successful in vitro testing, we realized also in vivo study. We investigated the effect of zinc nanoparticles on rats after oral administration. Among others, the influence on total aerobic bacteria and coliforms in rat feces at day 10 or day 30 of treatment was monitored. In general, it has been observed a decrease of total aerobic and coliform bacteria population compared to untreated control group.
NANOCON 2018. 2019, p. 511-516.
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