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    Detekcia Parkinsonovej choroby pomocou akustickej analýzy prednesu básne
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2017-04-30) Mucha, Ján; Galáž, Zoltán; Smékal, Zdeněk
    Parkinson's disease (PD) is the second most frequent neurodegenerative disorder. It is estimated that 60—90 % of PD patients suffer from speech disorder called hypokinetic dysarthria (HD). The goal of this work is to reveal influence of poem recitation on acoustic analysis of speech and concept proposal of identification of Parkinson's disease based on this analysis. Classification methods used in this work are Random Forests and Support Vector Machine. The best achieved accuracy of disease recognition is 70.66 % for classifier Random Forests, while articulation features are dominating. Accuracy of correct indication of patient as a patient (sensitivity) is 59.25 %. This results demonstrate a huge potential of research in this area.
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    Šifrovanie obrazu s využitím logistického zobrazenia
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2017-02-28) Oravec, Jakub; Ovseník, Ľuboš; Turán, Ján
    Secrecy of transmitted information is crucial in some cases. However, conventional ciphering algorithms do not yield desired results when they are used on raster images. One of possibilities for concealing the contents of images is usage of chaotic ciphering algorithms. This article deals with description of one of such algorithms, which is based on usage of logistic map. Proposed algorithm is composed of two steps, confusion and diffusion. The description of algorithm is extended by analysis of yielded results.
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    Sklízení RF energie v pásmech GSM a Wifi
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2017-12-31) Kokolia, Martin; Láčík, Jaroslav; Raida, Zbyněk
    The paper presents a two-band wearable rectifying antenna operating in the 900 MHz GSM band and the 2.00 GHz ISM band. The rectifier antenna has been designed as a multi-layered structure to reduce size, maintain a sufficient gain and have a sufficiently wide radiation pattern. The rectifier was designed as a voltage doubler to maximize voltage on the load. The manufactured antenna had a gain of 6.3 dBi at 900 MHz and 2.8 dBi at 2.45 GHz. The rectifier worked from -20 dBm and was measured up-to -2 dBm with 19% efficiency for the GSM band and 17% efficiency for the ISM band.
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    Assessing Parkinson’s disease using prosodic analysis of neutral, stress-modified and rhymed speech
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2017-04-30) Galáž, Zoltán; Kiska, Tomáš; Zvončák, Vojtěch; Mucha, Ján; Smékal, Zdeněk
    Up to 90% of patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) suffer from hypokinetic dysarthria (HD). One of the most frequent manifestations of HD is dysprosody. Some hidden relations between clinical signs of HD and other motor and non-motor features of PD probably exist. To investigate, whether acoustic analysis of dysarthric speech can provide neurologists and clinical psychologists objective, para-clinical insight into motor and non-motor features of the examined PD patient, 72 PD patients were assessed by 8 clinical rating scales. Prosodic analysis of emotionally-neutral reading, stress-modified reading and poem recitation is performed. Correlation and regression analysis is employed to determine possible relationship between HD and progress of PD. Close relation of monopitch and monoloudness to motor aspects of PD was found. Freezing of gait showed strong connection with speech rate disturbances. Non-motor aspects were found independent of stress and rhythm in speech and strongly associated with speech rate and pausing abnormalities.
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    Generátor kybernetických útoků
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2017-04-30) Frolka, Jakub; Halaška, Peter; Hajný, Jan; Smékal, David
    The article deals with the security of computer networks based on TCP / IP protocol suite, in particular, testing the resistance to DDoS attacks and tools for generating malicious traffic. In the article the selected tools Hping3, Mausezahn and Trafgen are analyzed. For these tools the results of comparative measurements are presented. Based on the results of the experimental tests, the main contribution of this paper is design and implementation of the new tool for generation of DDoS attacks and its subsequent performance testing for individual attacks. The tool also has a unique web interface for its easier usage.