Projektový manažér a manažérske rozhodovanie

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Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta podnikatelská
The purpose of the article is to clarify the importance of the role of project manager in the business and the importance of decisions made within their work-project management. Methods which have been used to develop the doctoral thesis included questionnaire survey and personal interviews with competent persons from the industry. Scientific aim: Article is based on the conclusions of the doctorate thesis of Ing. Henrieta Hrablik Chovanová, PhD. The work was aimed at analyzing the current status of project management in Slovak industrial companies and a consequent design of a methodology for improving the maturity of project management in these enterprises. This methodology enables corporate plants finding out the level on what they plan and carry out projects and they also help to retain or increase this level. Findings. This methodology offer plants the possibility of comparing their level of project use and project management to those of other plants, thus enable plant finding out whether they are competitive enough in particular field. A survey of the current state of project management used a questionnaire survey, personal interviews with experts in the field, analysis of the literature of maturity models, analysis of outcomes of project management, research and surveys in Slovakia and abroad. The article was to highlight the profession of the Project Manager. The article describes skills and knowledge required for various positions, project management; methods, tools and techniques of project management, tasks and activities of the project manager. Conclusions. For selecting a suitable candidate for the post of Project Manager, it is necessary to consider a number of features and capabilities of the candidate and therefore it is beneficial for the company to introduce testing of candidates to select the best of them, indeed. It is necessary to keep in consideration also the project team members because they have their contribution on projects too. That is why only project members experienced in projects (having certificate) should be selected into project teams. If the right people are in the right places the project success will be guaranteed at the company!
Trendy ekonomiky a managementu. 2011, IV, č. 6, s. 57-62. ISSN 1802-8527.
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