Marketing Strategies of “Born Globals” Companies when Entering the Foreign Market

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Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta podnikatelská
Purpose of the article: The aim is to verify the level of awareness of “born globals” companies among students of an economically oriented university, so among potential future businessmen, and to identify what type of marketing strategy they would choose providing they had only 3 years since establishing their business before they would enter the foreign market. The comparison of students’ answers with well-tried theories from all over the world is the result of empirical research. These theories are analyzed in a table and show marketing strategies of “born globals” companies across continents, different fields of study, size of enterprises and turnover. Methodology: There were used methods of data analysis. Secondary data were aimed on structured data collection including the literature overview and analysis of studies across continents that were published as “born globals marketing strategy”. The questionnaire survey, was used for primary data collection in this article. Following evaluation was done by descriptive statistics, statistic induction and the conclusion was set by relative frequency. Scientific aim: The scientific aim was to verify the level of students’ awareness of “born globals” companies and to learn about the choice of marketing strategies when entering the foreign market of “born globals” companies. This choice of marketing strategy was compared to well-tried studies theories from all over the world. The scientific aim was verified by 2 hypotheses and their alternative hypotheses. Findings: The empiric research statistically evaluates given hypotheses and verifies their validity. Conclusions: The conclusion of empirical research answers the question – is it possible to define the concept of marketing strategy of “born globals” companies? This piece of work should help to modern managers to understand current modern trends and to be able to adapt to new export strategies.
Trendy ekonomiky a managementu. 2018, XII, č. 31, s. 87-100. ISSN 1802-8527.
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