Cycling Mechanism/Linguistic Fluidity

Hlavní cíl této práce je představit diváka relativním měřítkům klimatických změn během holocénu a pozdního pleistocénu pomocí veděckých dat z projektu "Greenland Ice Core Project" a "Vostok Ice Core Project" prezentovaného ve virtuální realitě za pomoci nejmodernějšího herního enginu Unreal.
The main purpose of this work is to show relative scales of temperature changes during holocene and pleistocene [1.] using evaluated combined data sets from Greenland Ice Core Project and Vostok Ice Core project [2.]. Projects are researching values of CO2 in atmosphere using deep drills into sedimentary ice sheet layers corresponding in its maximum depth (approx. 3 km) to 800 kyr BP [3.] Values of CO2 correlates with temperature [4.]. Then we can lay out different cultural peak events on weather background and analyze the influence of temperature changes on rise and fall of empires, (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Shang, Indus, Rome) or study dramatic extinction events (Younger Dryas), watch the very beginning of culture in Fertile Crescent to witch trials in european “dark ages” in very close and evident correlation to weather change. Second goal is introduction to perceiving deep time as such.Third would be to raise questions and discussion about our own supposedly rigid timeline given to us by archeology by purposefully picked events such as meltwater pulses in Younger Dryas. (Lost cultures in Younger Dryas? Boloid impacts? Immediate emergence of writing systems without any proto evidence?) Of course a point of this work I didn’t mention is to present scientific data in aesthetically pleasing and effective way. These researches can be really “mind-blowing” if presented thoughtfully, (here in a way that is both attractive and shows scales and impact on our present day in a context of a global warming), but stays hidden from common knowledge due to for some “sterile” presentation in data sheets, which can be hard to read and make sense out of for people missing context.
DLABAJA, M. Cycling Mechanism/Linguistic Fluidity [online]. Brno: Vysoké učení technické v Brně. Fakulta výtvarných umění. .
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