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    Switched Capacitor Realizations of Fractional-Order Differentiators and Integrators Based on an Operator with Improved Performance
    (Společnost pro radioelektronické inženýrství, 2011-04) Varshney, Pragya; Gupta, Maneesha; Visweswaran, G. S.
    In this paper, switched capacitor realizations of discretized models of half differentiator and half integrator based on a new operator with improved performance have been proposed. This Al-Hsue operator is the weighted sum of the Al-Alaoui operator and the Hsue operator. The discretized models of the Al-Hsue operator have been expanded using Taylor Series Expansion and Continued Fraction Expansion, to be able to develop the Switched Capacitor realizations. These Switched Capacitor realizations are implemented using Spice and the results obtained are compared with the theoretical results of the continuous- time domain half differentiators and integrators. These Spice simulation results are also compared with the results of existing Al-Alaoui operator and Hsue operator based Switched Capacitor realizations of half differentiators and integrators of order 1/2. The results validate the effectiveness of the Switched Capacitor circuit implementation of the proposed approach.
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    Voltage-Controlled Floating Resistor Using DDCC
    (Společnost pro radioelektronické inženýrství, 2011-04) Kumngern, Montree; Torteanchai, Usa; Dejhan, Kobchai
    This paper presents a new simple configuration to realize the voltage-controlled floating resistor, which is suitable for integrated circuit implementation. The proposed resistor is composed of three main components: MOS transistor operating in the non-saturation region, DDCC, and MOS voltage divider. The MOS transistor operating in the non-saturation region is used to configure a floating linear resistor. The DDCC and the MOS transistor voltage divider are used for canceling the nonlinear component term of MOS transistor in the non-saturation region to obtain a linear current/voltage relationship. The DDCC is employed to provide a simple summer of the circuit. This circuit offers an ease for realizing the voltage divider circuit and the temperature effect that includes in term of threshold voltage can be compensated. The proposed configuration employs only 16 MOS transistors. The performances of the proposed circuit are simulated with PSPICE to confirm the presented theory.
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    Electronically Controllable Grounded Capacitor Current-Mode Quadrature Oscillator using single MO-CCCDTA
    (Společnost pro radioelektronické inženýrství, 2011-04) Prasad, Dinesh; Bhaskar, D. R.; Singh, A. K.
    This paper presents an electronically controllable grounded capacitor quadrature oscillator using single multiple-output current controlled current differencing transconductance amplifier (MO-CCCDTA) as an active element. The proposed circuit employs a single MOCCCDTA, two grounded capacitors and one grounded resistor and offers the advantages of (i) independent control of condition of oscillation (CO) and frequency of oscillation (FO), and (ii) low active and passive sensitivities. The workability of proposed configuration has been demonstrated by PSPICE simulation.
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    Deriving (MO)(I)CCCII Based Second-order Sinusoidal Oscillators with Non-interactive Tuning Laws using State Variable Method
    (Společnost pro radioelektronické inženýrství, 2011-04) Lahiri, Abhirup
    The paper discusses systematic realization of second-order sinusoidal oscillators using multiple-output second-generation current controlled conveyor (MO-CCCII) and/or its inverting equivalent, namely the multiple-output inverting second-generation current controlled conveyor (MO-ICCCII) by state variable method. State variable method is a powerful technique and has been used extensively in the past to realize active RC oscillators using a variety of active building blocks (ABB). In this work, a noninteractive relationship between the condition of oscillation (CO) and the frequency of oscillation (FO) has been chosen priori and then state variable method is applied to derive the oscillators with grounded capacitors. All the resulting oscillator circuits, eight of them, are “resistor-less”, employ grounded capacitors and do not use more than three (MO)(I)CCCIIs. PSPICE simulation results of a possible CMOS implementation of the oscillators using 0:35μm TSMC CMOS technology parameters have validated their workability.
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    Current Gain Controlled CCTA and its Application in Quadrature Oscillator and Direct Frequency Modulator
    (Společnost pro radioelektronické inženýrství, 2011-04) Sotner, Roman; Jerabek, Jan; Prokop, Roman; Vrba, Kamil
    A modified conception of adjustable current conveyor transconductance amplifier (CCTA) and its interesting application in simple quadrature oscillator expandable for direct frequency modulation purposes, employing only four grounded passive elements is presented in this paper. It is quite simple solution for modern communication subsystem components. An electronic adjusting of the oscillation frequency is easily possible and control of condition of the oscillation is realized via only one grounded resistor. The characteristic equation, condition of oscillation and major parasitic influences of real active part are discussed. The verification includes PSpice simulation and measurement with the CCTA block formed by commercially available active elements.