Work-Life Balance Reality among Czech Managers: Staying Halfway

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While developed companies have for a long time, due to efficiency and competitiveness, facilitated better reconciliation of work and family life of their employees; in reality in the Czech Republic these business solutions are still not at the level achieved in other countries. In our research, we decided to analyze the options of managers and workers in senior positions in five professional areas to achieve work life balance depending on their age and gender. An inquiry was carried out using a sample of 148 respondents asking questions concerning the options offered by the employer and those preferred by the respondents for work-life balance. The research of the options for work-life balance offered by the employer reflects particular situations in a sample of Czech-based companies and organizations. The results corroborated the rigidity of options offered by the employer to senior employees. According to the results of the research on the work-life-balance options as preferred by the employees, the majority would welcome more possibilities for handling with their work time: part-time work, flexible working hours and working from home. The different preferences of male and female employees and the differences given by the professions are discussed in detail. The results thus suggest that despite proclamations about the benefits of work - life balance for companies, the typical situation in the Czech Republic is slightly more improvement in the work-life balance, while the majority of staff is still waiting for substantial changes concerning especially time possibilities.
Journal of Electronic Banking Systems. 2016, vol. 2016, issue 1, p. 1-16.
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