Stone Works Valuation within Immovable Cultural Heritage Monuments Restoration

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Historic buildings and their stone parts represent both specific functional architectural features of constructions and important aspects of the cultural heritage. They provide important and valuable proof of development, style, and architecture, level of decorative art, and material processing techniques. However, these historic buildings need restoration so that their legacy can be preserved for future generations. The quality of restoration work tends to be closely related to work price. At present, however, prices for the restoration of stone parts of historic buildings are determined intuitively, based on their complexity, uniqueness, and specificity of restoration work. The valuation of restoration work is therefore carried out mainly by the private sector, based on the experience of individual budgeters and restorers. Due to the fact that the limits of the maximum and minimum scope of individual actions are not set, incorrect valuation can occur, which, in the case of subsequent implementation, may damage, or even in fact damages, the restoration activity as such. Based on this, the article deals with valuation of stone works restoration in real historic structures. It introduces and describes the proposal for systematic classification of these types of work, the procedure for setting standards for time units and consequently the proposal of formula structure for calculating costs and prices. The aim of the article is to introduce the use of standardised procedures for pricing of stone works restoration and thereby create a comparative and cost bases in order to make a qualified choice of restoration specialists.
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 2021, vol. 1203, issue 1, p. 1-9.
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