Ecological Aspects of the Detached House Construction

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The article deals with the ecological impacts during a detached house construction and looks for the optimal way of its financing. The aim of the article is to evaluate how much the house construction costs would increase in the case of the use of materials, which production generates smaller volume of negative emissions. The issue of the environment in relation to ecological construction has been widely discussed in recent years. The construction industry burdens the environment already by the production of building materials, extraction of raw materials, energy consumption, through designing activities and construction itself, to the phase of the building use and its eventual liquidation. There are six basic requirements for building materials used in construction, which are required for the quality environmentally friendly construction: the statics and stability of buildings must be provided, noise protection, fire safety, hygienic safety and reduced environmental impact must be met, buildings must provide safe use and well-being, and last but not least energy efficiency. Already in the structure construction phase, it is necessary to consider the appropriate selection of building materials, for which it is necessary to take into account ecological criteria. Appropriate selection of building materials results in a positive effect on the environment. When optimizing the total cost of building a detached house from an ecological point of view, the procedure consists in replacing the most cost-effective items in the construction budget by alternative materials with regard to ecology. When choosing alternative materials, maintaining the standard of the brick building and the aesthetic character of the house are taken into account. When comparing the budgets of both variants, it was found out that a detached house built using alternative, more environmentally friendly materials, resulted more expensive. However, the price difference is slight. Own housing can be financed in several ways. One option is to use your resources. However, this method is currently unrealistic for most people, and therefore they often choose the option of combining their resources with external sources. The most commonly used products for housing financing are building savings loans and mortgage loans. Another possibility is to use subsidy programmes for housing to finance the house, which are often focused on supporting ecological construction and housing.
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 2021, vol. 1203, issue 1, p. 1-8.
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