Impact of COVID-19 on the sale of products and accompanying services to electrical engineering companies in the Czech Republic

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EDP Sciences
Research background: The coronavirus pandemic and action taken by companies in response, necessarily led to a significant reduction in the performance of the Czech economy, and especially a downturn in industry. While in sectors it was easy to calculate the slump in production and orders, elsewhere the slowdown in the world economy is expected to be felt in the coming periods. Yet there were also companies that were not significantly affected by the COVID-19 situation. One of the options for maintaining a market position may be an emphasis on accompanying services, including smart services which, thanks to the limitations of COVID-19, could significantly alleviate the situation. Purpose of the article: The purpose of this paper is to find out whether COVID-19 will have an impact on the sale of products and accompanying services in the industry selected from the perspective of respondents' perceptions over time. Methods: This paper draws on a conjunctural research approach via survey and structural interview data collected in electrical engineering companies during the Coronavirus pandemic situation. The data obtained from the quantitative survey carried out in September 2020 is used to evaluate the results by summarizing the answers in the individual variants. The data obtained from qualitative interviews conducted in July 2021 are used both to illustrate the views of selected entrepreneurs from industry who were actively involved in the research, and to map the current situation. Findings and value added: The results of the quantitative survey show uncertain to more negative views on the impact of sales of firms’ own products and services in general, while current qualitative data collection on the present has a positive tendency to perceive further growth and recovery especially in the area of servitization which has helped in crisis resilience.
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