Spin-Wave Emission from Vortex Cores under Static Magnetic Bias Fields

We studied the influence of a static in-plane magnetic field on the alternating-field-driven emission of nanoscale spin waves from magnetic vortex cores. Time-resolved scanning transmission X-ray microscopy was used to image spin waves in disk structures of synthetic ferrimagnets and single ferromagnetic layers. For both systems, it was found that an increasing magnetic bias field continuously displaces the wave-emitting vortex core from the center of the disk toward its edge without noticeably altering the spin-wave dispersion relation. In the case of the single-layer disk, an anisotropic lateral expansion of the core occurs at higher magnetic fields, which leads to a directional rather than radial-isotropic emission and propagation of waves. Micromagnetic simulations confirm these findings and further show that focusing effects occur in such systems, depending on the shape of the core and controlled by the static magnetic bias field.
Nano Letters. 2021, vol. 21, issue 4, p. 1584-1590.
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