Application of an electromagnetic numerical model in accurate measurement of high velocities

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Lublin University of Technology
The velocity of various objects measured within a large number of disciplines and activities. This paper presents the process of designing an accurate method and equipment for the measurement of velocity in one-shot nonlinear processes, which occur only once and are thus characterized by zero repeatability. The measurement methods must therefore enable the recording, saving, and retroactive evaluation of the processes at a pre-defined accuracy; all these operations are performed to facilitate comparison of the recorded event and other similar processes. However, the electromagnetic method described in the paper does not include the disadvantages of known optical methods. We therefore present the design of an inductive sensor equipped with an electronic signal processing system. This design is based on numerical evaluation of the relativistic effect occurring during the application of the electromagnetic principle in sensing the position and velocity of an object J. Van Bladel. The final section of the paper contains a discussion of the measured results. The authors investigate the use of a coupled model of the magnetic field and analyze the motion of a conductive object in this field. The analysis shows that, for an exact evaluation of the influence of all effects, it is necessary to consider the phenomena related to the movement of a system relative to the other one. It is shown that related distinctive effects affect the resultant electromagnetic field distribution already at the relative velocity of v0= 1ms-1.
Publikace ppopisuje využití numerického modelu pro měření vysoce pochybujících se objektů
Informatyka, Automatyka, Pomiary w Gospodarce i Ochronie Środowiska. 2015, vol. 5, issue 3, p. 3-10.
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