Digital support to external sustainability communication in self-adhesive labelling industry

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Entrepreneurship and sustainability center
The article presents results of empirical research conducted on companies in Europe in the field of paper production and processing, specifically in the field of production of self-adhesive laminate that is used for self adhesive labels. The article is focused both on companies that either produce (category 1), or process (category 2) paper. The main goal was to understand, describe and compare content and extent of the digitally supported external communication, with a focus on the communication of sustainable development goals, supporting a transition to business models for sustainability. The article’s objective is to present some of the findings from this research to provide an overview of a degree of online external communication supported by digitalization and characteristics of the industry within the scope of sustainability and transition to business models for sustainability. External communication is focused on companies´ websites, GRI reports, annual corporate sustainability reports and participation in the Communication on Progress composed by the United Nations. The original research design combines relevant theory and content analysis to answer the later mentioned research questions. To conclude, digitally supported communication in the paper industry is intense in category 1, while category 2 seems to be less active in terms of both the intensity and the content. The article presents the theoretical background of the research, research design and methods, results, and conclusions presenting insights concerning the industry as well as the respective theory, introduced together with limitations and areas for future research.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES. 2020, vol. 7, issue 3, p. 2109-2125.
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