ALD growth of MoS2 nanosheets on TiO2 nanotube supports

Two-dimensional MoS2 nanostructures are highly interesting and effective in a number of energy-related applications. In this work, the synthesis of ultra-thin MoS2 nanosheets produced by the thermal Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) process is reported for the first time using a previously unpublished set of precursors, namely bis(t-butylimido)bis(dimethylamino)molybdenum and hydrogen sulfide. These nanosheets are homogenously deposited within one-dimensional anodic TiO2 nanotube layers that act as a high surface area conductive support for the MoS2 nanosheets. The decoration of high aspect ratio TiO2 nanotube layers with MoS2 nanosheets over the entire nanotube layer thickness is shown for the first time. The homogeneous distribution of the MoS2 nanosheets is proved by STEM/EDX. This resulting new composite is employed as anode for Li-ion microbatteries. The MoS2-decorated TiO2 nanotube layers show a superior performance compared to their counterparts without MoS2. Compared to electrochemical performance of pristine TiO2 nanotube, a more than 50% higher areal capacity and a coulombic efficiency of 98% are obtained on the MoS2 decorated TiO2 nanotube layers, demonstrating clear synergic benefits of the new composite structure.
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