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    Klasifikace spánkových fází pomocí PSG dat
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2016-12-31) Králík, Martin; Ronzhina, Marina; Bělhrad, Miloš
    This article is focused on the classification of sleep stages, using PSG data. The data used for the classification come from real patients, signals used are EEG, EOG and EMG. Extraction of classification features is focused on achieving higher than conventional temporal resolution of sleep scoring. This approach could be helpful in sleep disorders diagnostics.  Classifiers selected are artificial neural networks. Success rate of classification varies, depending on sleep phase, with W, N3 and REM phases being most successful.
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    Výkonnostní analýza současných softwarových knihoven pro výpočty modulární aritmetiky
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2016-04-30) Dzurenda, Petr; Hajný, Jan
    The article deals with analysis of current state of cryptographic and mathematics libraries for computing of modular operations with big integers. Currently most common libraries implemented in C/C++ are analysed here. The libraries were compared by the range, i.e. support of modular arithmetic over finite fields GF(pm) and finite fields over elliptic curves E/GF(pm). Further, the efficiency of computation modular operations like modular multiplication, exponentiation, to find the greatest common divisor and inverse element in multiplicative group is compared.
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    Experimentální porovnání úzkopásmové PLC komunikace posta-vené na jedné nosné a více nosných frekvencích
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2016-10-30) Mlýnek, Petr; Sláčik, Ján
    The article focuses on experimental comparison of single- and multi-carrier narrowband Power Line Communication in the industry environment. The aim of experimental measurements was comparison of single- and multi-carrier narrowband Power Line Communication from the viewpoint of possible communication distance, available data rate and impact of noise. Finally, the article identify and analyse the fundamental issues for further development of Smart Grids and Smart Metering.
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    Jednoduchý odhad relatívnej permitivity steny pomocou UWB radarového systému
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2016-04-30) Repko, Miroslav; Gamec, Ján; Schneider, Ján
    This paper describes a simple method for the relative permittivity estimation of the wall by an ultra wideband (UWB) impulse radar system. I tis noninvasive reflected free space method, where the measuerent is employed from the single side of the wall. The condition for the best accuracy is short time window of the monitored signal, while there is an undesired reflection from the second side of the wall. Frequency dependence of the relative permittivity is then obtained from the reflection coefficien of the transmitted transverse electromagnetic wave. The paper describe demonstrative measurement at a two different walls, where acquired data are verificied by the transmission  method.
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    Metody segmentace a rozpoznání číslic analogového elektroměru
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2016-02-29) Sliz, Jiri
    The paper discusses image processing methods applicable for reading the values indicated by single-phase, analog electrical meters commonly used in the home. The principle of an analog meter is introduced, and relevant image processing techniques are described in detail. In this context, the author characterize methods for segmenting the dial and, subsequently, the individual digits. The final sections of the article present several approaches to character recognition and comparison of these methods. The recognition accuracy of 89.4% was obtained thanks to the use of a multilayer neural network.