12th Annual Conference on Architecture and Urbanism 2023: Constraints to Further Development

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The 12th International Conference for Doctoral Students of European Schools of Architecture and Urbanism was hosted by the Faculty of Architecture of Brno University of Technology on 8 November 2023. This international gathering provided a relevant platform for discussion and exchange of new knowledge in architecture, urban design and planning, landscape and conser-vation, architectural theory and history, ecology and sustainable urban development from Czech and European educational and research institutions.
The event was opened in the Architecture session by Dr. Tilo Amhoff from the University of Brighton School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering in the UK. The international dimension and quality of the event is evidenced by the participation of experts registered from 12 countries and the number of applications. The papers printed in full in these proceedings have also been published in the university repository dspace.vutbr.cz in Open Access mode, have been assigned a DOI and have been simultaneously indexed in the Google Scholar database and submitted for consideration for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index (Clarivate Analytics).
The conference of doctoral studies in this field and format is a unique event in the Czech Republic and was created thanks to the collaboration of a number of experts. We would like to thank especially the scientific committee and reviewers for their excellent work and invaluable comments. We would also like to thank our native speaker, Mr. Simon Botten, for providing English language proofreading of all the papers included in this proceedings.

Název: 12th Annual Conference on Architecture and Urbanism 2023
Podnázev: Constraints to Further Development
Vydalo: Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta architektury
Editoři: doc. Ing. arch. Jiří Palacký, Ph.D., Ing. arch. Kateřina Dokoupilová-Pazderková, Ph.D.
Jazyková korektura: Simon Botten
Zpracovala: Fakulta architektury, Poříčí 5, 639 00 Brno, Tel.: 541 146 603
Místo a rok vydání: Brno, 2023

© Fakulta architektury VUT v Brně 2023
ISBN: 978-80-214-6206-9


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    The Problems of Developing Depopulating Cities. Does the Czech Debate on Urban Shrinkage Have Any Concrete Consequences?
    (Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta architektury, 2024-01-02) Mika, Jiří
    The paper briefly presents the course and basic conclusions of the local branch of the global debate on shrinking cities and then verifies whether any of them have turned into concrete projects or policies. The paper analyses the strategic plans and spatial planning documentation of several dozen Czech cities that can be described as shrinking. While the naming of the problem in terms of strategy is no longer an exception, the debate has so far only rarely made its way onto the subject of specific rules.
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    Participatory Processes: Two Case Studies from Serbia
    (Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta architektury, 2024-01-02) Priljeva, Sofija
    Based on citizens’ critical stance towards government decisions, the concept of participation is increasingly emerging in urban discourse. Its role is to facilitate communication between citizens and stakeholders and enable collective decision-making at both the local and state levels. An expectation is that digital technologies will reestablish a connection between the two sides, thereby strengthening trust in the planning process. However, citizen responses differ across various cases. In the context of Novi Sad, citizen engagement appears weak, contrasting with their current dissatisfaction with city affairs. On the other hand, the citizens of Bor are content with their involvement in decisions that are not so significant. Consequently, this paper aims to explore the reasons behind the varying relationships between citizens and authorities in these distinct environments. It seeks to understand why, when given the opportunity to participate, citizen engagement dwindles in larger cities, leading to increased mistrust in institutions, while people in smaller cities recognize the importance of even small steps in collective action for the future development of their communities. In addition to examining the relationships between stakeholders and past urban development patterns in Serbia, the paper addresses the question of the public interest in the service of city development, along with the policies and reviews that offer guidelines for the successful implementation of participatory processes.
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    Smíchov - From a Village to the Transformation Area of Prague
    (Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta architektury, 2024-01-02) Tobišková, Kateřina
    This paper maps the circumstances that enabled the urban transformation of the Prague-Smíchov district in the 1990s. This paper aims to analyze the factors that led to the revitalisation of an area of almost 80 000 m2 inside the existing construction. Knowledge and understanding of the context and principles of the development from the 1990s is all the more important because these structures are going to be in close connection with the development project Smíchov City, which is currently under construction. This project is being built in approximately the same area as the construction from the 1990s and has the potential to transform the functioning of the entire area in a significant way.
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    Toys Designed by Architects to Develop Spatial Perception
    (Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta architektury, 2024-01-02) Šoborová, Adéla
    The paper analyses selected examples of children’s kits and furniture in relation to the development of cognitive perception according to Jean Piaget’s theory and the perception of space. Using the three mid-twentieth century toys Tyng Toy, The Eames Toy and Child Chair as examples, the principles of children’s discovery of space leading to the development of thinking and creativity are described. The examples highlight the principles of composition, incompleteness, and change of function that are applicable to the development of new toys, furniture design, interior design, and architecture in the context of capitalism.
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    Researching the Relationship Between Built Environment and Transport: Theory, Methodology, and Specifics for the Czech Context
    (Vysoké učení technické v Brně, Fakulta architektury, 2024-01-02) Bittner, Jan
    The paper provides a theoretical framework and methodological overview for follow-up research on the relationship between the built environment and transport behaviour in the Czech context. Divided into four parts, the paper begins by describing the urgent need for such research. The second part reviews fundamental transport modelling methods commonly used in research on the relationship between the built environment and transport. The methodical concept of Activity-Based Modelling (ABM) is selected for further elaboration through a comprehensive diagram. Individual parts of the diagram are grouped and described. In the third part of the paper, the ABM concept is derived into a quantitative methodology suitable for qualitative research on the built environment and transport. Typical dependent and independent variables are listed. Finally, the fourth part of the paper discusses ABM method limits and requirements in the Czech context.