A Brief Overview on Epoxies in Electronics: Properties, Applications, and Modifications

This paper offers a short overview of epoxy resins, encompassing their diverse characteristics, variants, chemical modifications, curing processes, and intriguing electrical properties. Epoxies, valued for their multifunctional attributes, serve as fundamental materials across industries. In the realm of dielectric strength, epoxy resins play a crucial role in electrical insulation. This paper discusses the mechanisms governing dielectric breakdown, strategies to enhance dielectric strength, and the impact of various fillers and additives on insulation performance. Through an exploration of recent research and advancements, this paper delves into the spectrum of epoxy properties, the array of subspecies and variants, their chemical adaptability, and the intricacies of curing. The examination of electrical resistance and conductivity, with a focus on their frequency-dependent behavior, forms a pivotal aspect of the discussion. By shedding light on these dimensions, this review provides a concise yet holistic understanding of epoxies and their role in shaping modern materials science.
Polymers. 2023, vol. 15, issue 19, p. 1-21.
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