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    A Proposal for Simultaneous Training of Reading and Writing Skills Based on a Case of Doctoral Engineering Students
    (VUTIUM, 2017-11-10) Vránová, Martina
    Writing academic papers is an essential skill that all doctoral students must acquire as from the very beginning of their studies they are required to publish the results of their research in English. For the last four years I have been concerned with preparing PhD students for their future careers, paying particular attention to their writing skills. As a result, I have identified three recurring issues that have been posing a particular challenge to ESP teachers: structural shortcomings (e.g. confusing paragraph structure), overwhelming stress on visuals rather than verbal description, and a lack of discussion. As a remedial practice I propose simultaneous training of skills, reading and writing in this case, with a particular stress on cognitive and metacognitive strategies. Employing cognitive processes in training reading skills necessarily leads to greater self-awareness in the writing practice.