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    Experimental Analysis of the Development of Elastic Properties and Strength under Different Ambient Temperature During the Hardening of Concrete
    (Elsevier, 2017-07-20) Kocáb, Dalibor; Daněk, Petr; Misák, Petr; Topolář, Libor; Pőssl, Petr
    This paper focuses on the experimental assessment of the degree to which continued exposure to low ambient temperatures influences the concrete modulus of elasticity and compressive strength. The elastic modulus is not a constant; in fact, it can reach very different values in concrete of the same strength class. It is thus important to have knowledge of aspects which have the greatest influence on it. One of the most important factors influencing the modulus of elasticity is the ambient temperature during concrete setting and hardening. The experiment tested the C 35/45 concrete, which was aged at temperatures of +20 °C, +10 °C and +5 °C. The result of the experiment is the determination of the modulus of elasticity and compressive strength in dependence on ambient temperature while comparing the obtained results with previously published findings.