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    Možnosti implementace prvků signalizace SS7 s přenosem přes IP síť s využitím open source
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2023-03-06) Šilhavý, Pavel
    Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) is the telecommunications signaling standard for exchange communication among different operators, both nationally and internationally. The article summarizes the possibilities of implementing the particular elements of the signaling network using open source projects, which have been a phenomenon of the last 20 years, not only in the field of telecommunications. The possibilities of connection to a classical TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) network as well as a perspective solution of access via IP (Internet Protocol) network, where the SIGTRAN (SIGnaling TRANsport) protocol is used, are discussed. The presented solutions allow to implement not only voice signaling end-points, i.e. SSP (Signaling Switching Point), but also routers in the SS7 network, i.e. STP (Signaling Transfer Point). The article also reflects the trends towards virtualization of telecommunication solutions, where it can be problematic to implement specific telecommunication hardware in a virtualized environment.
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    Sabotáž smyčky poplachového zabezpečovacího systému
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2023-05-22) Burda, Karel
    The subject of this article is sabotage of intruder alarm loops. Although this type of systems is gradually being replaced by digital alarm systems, it is still true that loop systems are significantly represented in practice. In this paper, two experimentally verified balanced loop sabotage techniques are described. The first technique is based on the stepwise replacement of the loop balancing resistor by a dummy resistor. The second technique is based on inserting a series-parallel combination of potentiometers into the loop. By alternately changing the resistance of these potentiometers, a condition is reached where the parallel potentiometer short-circuits the balancing resistor and the series potentiometer replaces the balancing resistor. Sabotage devices for both attacks are technically simple and cheap. Even an amateur can make and use them. Owners of loop alarm systems should learn about this threat.
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    Online podnikatelský katalog služeb s využitím strojového učení a bipartitního grafu
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2023-03-13) Cvrk, Lubomír; Mazuch, František; Sýkora, Tomáš
    Online marketplaces are platforms where various independent entrepreneurs offer their products. If these marketplaces within the segment of online service sales are to be operated without human moderation of the content, machine learning has to be deployed to translate service names and descriptions written by entrepreneurs in natural language into a machine-readable form. Moreover, this is a prerequisite for the construction of numerous marketplace services, such as the search for the time available for a certain type of service, and especially for the construction of customized service offers. In this paper, we describe a way to solve both of these problems using machine learning for situations that are characterized by a small amount of training data and the necessity of a very high performance in generating lists of personalized service offers.
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    Telemedicína a COVID-19 - skúsenosti Kliniky pneumológie a ftizeológie UNM a JLF UK Martin
    (International Society for Science and Engineering, o.s., 2023-04-19) Žatkuliak, Peter; Kocan, Ivan; Žatkuliaková, Veronika
    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to all industries, but especially to healthcare. The fully loaded hospital system needed to be relieved, and telemedicine gave a helping hand. The mentioned article deals with the idea and experience with the creation of an application aimed at monitoring COVID-19 positive patients whose health condition did not require hospitalization, but it was appropriate to monitor them. At regular intervals, the patient was asked to complete a test with a set of test questions about his health condition regarding to COVID symptoms. The result of the test guided the patient to the next process and the doctor about the patient's current health state. 141 patients used the application in the period from January 2021 to January 2022, of which 15 had to be subsequently hospitalized due to deterioration of their health condition. The use of the application brought several advantages: from patient point of view in terms of his comfort in the home environment, and also for healthcare privider by saving hospital beds for patients who required urgent medical assistance. By changing the test questions, the mobile application can be used as a means of telemedicine for monitoring various diseases.