Influence of Sulphate Attack on Properties of Modified Cement Composites

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Monitoring the condition of building structures based on composite materials in aggressive environments shows that the deterioration of basic properties occurs under the influence of various factors such as temperature and humidity changes, in addition to changes in the chemical composition of air environment. In addition, the composite materials during the operation must retain not only the mechanical properties laid down at the design stage, but also the electro-physical characteristics, regardless of the type of destructive effects. In the current study, the quantitative assessment of the result of the interaction of an aggressive sulphate-containing medium with composites modified with conductive and dielectric additives was carried out. The effect of sulphate attack on the specific electrical conductivity of cement composites was studied. The nature of the interaction was evaluated by changing the properties of the samples of the developed compositions under the influence of a single-normal solution of sodium sulphate. The analysis was carried out by means of potentiometric titration using the exchange interaction method by fixing the degree of absorption of sulphate ions and determining the concentration of calcium ions in the solution. The measurement of the solution potential allowed determination of the quantitative indicators of the rate of calcium hydroxide leaching from the sample structure, which is necessary to assess the intensity of the destruction process and determine the nature of the change in strength properties. Measurements of the electrical resistivity of samples under the constant influence of sulphate aggression were taken during 28 days of observation. A method for quantifying the effect of a sulphate medium on a cement matrix was proposed that enables the material durability to be predicted. The features of changes in the morphology of structural components after exposure to aggressive solution were determined by physical and chemical methods.
Applied Sciences - Basel. 2021, vol. 11, issue 18, p. 1-13.
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