Verifying the Lifting and Slewing Dynamics of a Harvester Crane with Possible Levelling When Operating on Sloping Grounds

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This paper focuses on the force and torque load of a harvester hydraulic crane employed on sloping grounds, both levelled and not levelled. Field research was conducted for this purpose and the results were compared with a dynamic analysis of the crane in MSC Adams. It was found that levelling the slewing platform of the crane is necessary for use on sloping grounds, primar-ily because the effect on the force and lifting torques is reduced. The research showed that when the slope of the slewing gear is up to 12°, the lifting torque reaches a higher maximum lifting force than when the slewing gear is in a horizontal position (0°). As part of the theoretical veri-fication by a dynamic analysis of the crane and the AH6 machine, a different pressure was de-tected in the lifting cylinder of the crane compared to the field research. The total deviation be-tween the simulation and the field research was 9.82%. The slewing torque of the hydraulic crane without the slewing bearing being levelled can be characterized 97.38% by a parabola whose vertex is located in front of the front part of the machine and falls as the crane moves left or right. Overall, it can be determined that when the crane rotates up a slope, whether it is from left or right, the slewing torque reaches the lowest values, and its value increases as the crane gets closer to the front of the machine (along the longitudinal axis of the machine). This change in the slewing torque is then characterized by a parabola. Furthermore, an effect was observed of the slewing gear slope on the lifting torque, which reached higher values in a tilted position than on a flat surface.
Forests. 2022, vol. 13, issue 2, p. 1-20.
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