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    Analysis of Thermal Bridges in Loggias of Pre-Cast Concrete Apartment Buildings
    (E D P SCIENCES, 2019-04-12) Kalousek, Lubor; Brzoň, Roman; Fišarová, Zuzana
    The issue of complex regeneration of old pre-cast concrete apartment buildings is still a current task of everyday construction practice in the Czech Republic. When designing a new thermal insulation for the envelope of these buildings, we often encounter with critical assembly details. The correct solution of these details requires a detailed assessment in terms of the requirements of thermal protection of buildings. A correct assessment of these critical details is often very challenging and the ordinary designer is virtually unable to do it himself. This paper presents a practical and theoretical example of the design, solution and assessment of additional insulation of loggia loadbearing structures. Using the Ansys software platform, the critical details in 3D were designed and the influence of new thermal insulation on removal of the building defects was assessed. In conclusion, several proposals for possible rehabilitations and their expected efficiency were summarized.