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    Preparation and characterisation of organic UV filters based on combined PHB/liposomes with natural phenolic compounds
    (Elsevier, 2020-10-01) Uhlířová, Renata; Skoumalová, Petra; Hoová, Julie; Pořízka, Jaromír; Márová, Ivana
    In this study preparation and characterization of new UV-protecting systems based on liposomes/polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) with encapsulated coffee extracts are presented. Green and roasted coffee extracts with high phenolics content, high antioxidant activity and sun protection factor (SPF) value 40–50 were used as model organic UV filters and encapsulated into liposomes and PHB-liposomes. Particle size and colloid stability was observed by dynamic light scattering and zeta-potential. Toxicity of particles was tested by MTT and LDH assay on HaCaT cell line. All prepared samples showed moderate or high encapsulation efficiency. Addition of PHB up to 50 % of lecithin led to increased size and stability. As optimal addition of 20 % PHB into liposome particles was found leading to optimum size and processing of particles, to high UV-protective effect as well as to increased colloid stability and SPF value during long-term storage. Significant differences in cell viability were found in cytotoxicity studies after exposure of keratinocytes to liposomes with different PHB content. Newly fabricated PHB-liposome particles with coffee extract were not found as toxic for HaCaT cells and in LDH test up to 12 %. These particles can act as active carriers for organic sunscreen components in combination with UV-protective effect of PHB.