Experimental investigation of stabilization of flowing water temperature with a water-PCM heat exchanger

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EDP Sciences
Experiments have been carried out in order to investigate the stabilization of water temperature with a water-PCM heat exchanger. The water-PCM heat exchanger was of a rather simple design. It was a round tube, through which the water flowed, surrounded with an annular layer of PCM. The heat exchanger was divided into one meter long segments (modules) and the water temperature was monitored at the outlet of each of the segments. A paraffin-based PCM with the melting temperature of 42 C was used in the experiments. The experimental set-up consisted of two water reservoirs kept at different temperatures, the water-PCM heat exchanger, PC controlled valves and a data acquisition system. As the first step a response to a step change in the water temperature at the inlet of the heat exchanger was investigated. Subsequently, a series of experiments with a square wave change of temperature at the inlet of the exchanger were carried out. The square wave temperature profile was achieved by periodic switching between the two water reservoirs. Several amplitudes and periods of temperature square wave were used. The results of experiments show that a water-PCM heat exchanger can effectively be used to stabilize the flowing water temperature when the inlet temperature changes are around the melting range of the PCM.
Byly provedeny experimenty s cílem prozkoumat možnost stabilizace teploty proudící vody pomocí výměníku voda-materiál se změnou skupenství (PCM). Výměník tepla měl jednoduchou konstrukci, jednalo se o dvě soustředné trubky, kdy vnitřní trubkou proudila voda, a v mezikruží byl umístěn materiál se změnou skupenství. Při experimentech byl použit materiál se změnou skupenství na bázi parafinu.changes are around the melting range of the PCM.
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