The Impact Of Different Aggregate Types And Its Composition On Resulting Concrete Properties Representing The Water Impermeability Level Of Concrete For The Construction Of White Boxes

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We understand the term ‘white box’ as a concrete structure in underground spaces, basements, or cellars, where it is necessary to consider the water impermeability of concrete or minimal changes in volume changes of concrete. These properties can be attained by creating the maximal compactness of the concrete composite when using the optimal combination of entrance components. The goal of this article is mainly to verify the effects of aggregate variety and its granulometric curve during the observation of volume changes and the water impermeability of concrete and another property, which are in white boxes constructions important. Granulometric curves of aggregates will be designed to ensure the minimal voids content of an aggregate, and the effect of the discontinuous granulometric curve will also be observed with respect of this property. During the design of the concrete mixtures, account was taken of a high amount of binding agent, which is used ensuring the higher compactness of cement stone was considered besides. For this reason, it will be verified also additive of finely ground limestone, thanks to which it is possible to partially replace a part of cement while maintaining the same properties of concrete. This method of design can lead not only to positive elimination of volume changes in a concrete mixture but also has a significant impact on dried concrete parameters, such as a high level of water impermeability.
Civil Engineering and Architecture. 2020, vol. 8, issue 2, p. 39-45.
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