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    Coupled Numerical Model of Vibration-Based Harvester
    (MDPI, 2020-04-15) Zukal, Jiří; Fiala, Pavel; Szabó, Zoltán; Dědková, Jarmila; Pernica, Roman
    Herein, the authors publish the complex design of a numerical coupled model of a vibration-based harvester that transforms mechanical vibrations into electric energy. A numerical model is based on usage of the finite element method, connecting analysis of the damped mechanical oscillation, electromagnetic field and electrical circuit. The model was demonstrated on the design of a microgenerator (MG), and then experimentally tested. The numerical model allows us to execute optimization of the design with many degrees of freedom. The transformation of the wave spreading in the form of mechanical vibrations was solved in the area of resonance of the electromechanical system.